Yes, events make our hearts beat faster.


We’ll guide you through every step of the process of creating an event that perfectly suits your needs. We work on so many levels: strategic, coordinating, and good old rolling up the sleeves.


Turning your communication ideas and plans into reality is a difficult and time-consuming job. You don’t always have the time or expertise to take a project to the level you want to achieve. We’re happy to help you guide your communication projects through rough seas to your destination. We take the lead, we make sure the project stays at cruising speed. We oversee and direct. We coordinate activities and resources. We delegate to the project team or we do it all ourselves. On time and within the budget, of course.


Our crew knows how to tie the knots. We listen before we speak. We have impeccable organisational and communication skills. We are expert navigators. Strategists and implementers. And most of all: we love what we do. So we do it to the very highest standards.


We’ve sailed the seas commissioned by, and together with, a diverse fleet of clients and partners. These cooperation's were, and still are, to the satisfaction of everyone involved. We have cooperated with, among others: